Perpetual Funds Maintain Cemeteries, Ease Budget Pressure on Parishes

Cemetery funds are essential for the long-term maintenance and upkeep of Catholic cemeteries. A cemetery fund can provide a reliable and sustainable source of income to cover ongoing costs such as landscaping, monument preservation, and general maintenance.

The Catholic Foundation manages 24 cemetery funds for parishes located in the Diocese of Allentown. These perpetual care funds relieve the budget pressures placed on a parish to maintain these properties.

Endowment Funds Help Meet Spring and Summer Cemetery Needs

Spring is traditionally associated with new beginnings, growth, and renewal. Donating to a cemetery endowment in the spring can symbolize a fresh start and a commitment to the ongoing care of the cemetery all year.

Spring and summer months require an increased need for grass cutting and maintenance. During the winter months, cemetery roads need to be plowed for funerals and family visitations. After the winter season, cemeteries may require extra maintenance to repair damage caused by snow and freezing temperatures. After heavy wind and rainstorms, debris must be cleared away.

A donation to a cemetery fund in the spring can help ensure that the cemetery is prepared for the coming year and all that nature brings.

What are the Tax Benefits of Donations to a Cemetery Fund?

Cemetery Fund for the Catholic Foundation of Eastern PADonating to a cemetery endowment fund in the spring may have tax benefits for the donor. Depending on a donor’s tax situation, a donation to a 501c3 designated cemetery fund would be deductible.

“Giving to a cemetery endowment fund is a meaningful way to support the long-term care of a cemetery and ease the burden on a parish to maintain it,” Pete Waldron, President of the Catholic Foundation, said. “A gift also honors and respects the memories of those who have passed away.”