Planned Giving

A forever gift to an endowment fund take planned giving to the next level.

Remembering your favorite Catholic cause in your will has a tremendous impact on its future. An endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania is the perfect repository for such a gift, as well as for an IRAs, 401Ks, and insurance beneficiaries.

Gifts in wills, beneficiary designations or estate plans help the future of Catholic causes.

Donors love knowing that by directing their end-of-life gift to an endowment fund, it essentially lives on forever.

There are a variety of charitable giving options that enable donors to provide for both their families and their favorite Catholic cause, while enjoying tax and income benefits. The Catholic Foundation assists donors and their tax/investment advisers in customizing an endowment gift that will only support the Catholic organizations or programs of their choice.

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  • Gift in a will
  • Beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • Beneficiary of an investment account
  • IRA qualified charitable distribution
  • Memorial gift included in an obituary
  • Beneficiary of an IRA or 401K account
  • Beneficiary of Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

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