Giving a donation to the Catholic Foundation provides an opportunity for caring individuals to invest in the future of the Catholic cause closest to their heart. Donors love knowing that by making a gift to the Catholic Foundation for an existing fund, their gift will live on forever.

Founder’s Circle

While the Catholic Foundation has made great progress since its initial launch in 2013, it is still in start-up mode. Faithful Catholics have stepped up to provide seed money to assist in operations. Their support provides support for marketing and outreach efforts in our five-county service area. We welcome gifts to fund our operational efforts so we may one day celebrate that all worthy Catholic causes in our region have the needed income to fulfill their missions forever.

Endowment or Donor Designated Funds

Currently, the Catholic Foundation manages over 100 endowment or donor designated funds. It’s our goal to establish at least one endowment fund for every parish, school, and Catholic non-profit in our region. The beneficiaries of our current endowment funds greatly appreciate the support of donors to help grow their funds.

There are four main areas of interest where donors make gifts of support.

  • Education Endowment Funds
  • Parish Life Endowment Funds
  • Catholic Ministry Endowment Funds
  • Catholic Cemetery Endowment Funds
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Education Endowment Funds

Catholic education is an important priority for Catholic Foundation donors. People view Catholic schools as an important element to maintain because it represents the future of the Catholic Church. With strong outcomes in academic performance, athletic accomplishments, spiritual growth and college matriculation rates, Catholic schools in our region stand out. Fifty percent of our endowment funds support Catholic education in the form of scholarships, teacher excellence programs, special academic efforts, technology programs and maintenance and capital improvements to school facilities.

Parish Endowment Funds

Donor Designated Funds allow donors to make a charitable, deductible gift of cash or securities to the Catholic Foundation and create a fund for specific purpose to the parish, school, or charitable organization that you designate. While like an endowment fund, there are two key differentials with donor designated funds: choice of investment strategy based on purpose of fund (intermediate and/or long-term) and flexible distribution schedule more than once per year.

Ministry Endowment Funds

There are a number of Catholic non-profit organization that provide vital programs and services to key constituencies throughout our community. Gifts to their endowment funds will provide the support they need to fulfill their missions forever.

Cemetery Endowment Funds

The Catholic Foundation is the perfect repository for perpetual care funds for parish cemeteries. When a cemetery can no longer generate income from the sale of gravesites and burials, a donor designated cemetery fund will cover the annual maintenance and capital improvements needed. This ensures a loved one’s final resting place remain well maintained, dignified and respectful.

Cemetery Funds for the Catholic Foundation of Eastern PA

What are the benefits to donating to a fund managed by the Catholic Foundation?

  • Honors donor intent
  • Provides financial security & future income for schools and parishes
  • Independent from the Diocese
  • Investments professionally managed & monitored in accordance with Catholic values