endowment funds Catholic Foundation of Eastern PA

An endowment fund provides a source of annual income to a Catholic organization of the donor’s choice. An endowment can honor or memorialize a loved one, or establish a lasting legacy of faith, or support the donor’s chosen organization or cause. Because an endowment is designed to grow and last in perpetuity, it makes it possible for a donor to ensure long-term, everlasting financial support to a chosen cause.

Creating a new endowment fund requires an agreement between a donor and the Catholic Foundation. This agreement permanently defines the purpose, and outlines the procedures for managing the endowment funds. A standard language is maintained by the Catholic Foundation to ensure consistency in fund management. Usually an endowment can be started with am initial deposit of $50,000 or a plan to build to that amount.

What Assets Can Be Used to Establish Endowment Funds?

There are several financial assets that can be used to establish an endowment fund during a donor’s lifetime. These include:

  • Cash gifts
  • Securities – Avoid capital gains by donating appreciated stocks to an endowment fund.
  • IRAs – An individual who is 70.5 years old or older may transfer up to $100,000 per year into an endowment fund without tax penalty.
  • 401Ks – Transfer monies from your 401K into an IRA to make a gift to an endowment.
  • Insurance Policies – Proceeds from a fully paid insurance policy may be donated to an endowment.
  • Insurance Policies or Investment Funds Beneficiary Designation – Include an endowment fund as a full or partial beneficiary.
  • Bequests – Include an endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation in your will or Trust documents.

Funds by Designation

Albert J. Neupauer Education Endowment Fund
Bernard M. Schramko Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cemetery Funds for the Catholic Foundation of Eastern PA
Charles A. Wagner Scholarship Endowment Fund
Edward and Rose Mary Kaska Scholarship Endowment Fund
Frances and Michael Huszar College Scholarship Endowment Fund
Francis and Mary Waldron Family Endowment Fund
Holy Trinity Parish Fund Whitehall PA
Joseph and Mary Simko Education Fund
Loretta Lecher Schneider Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mary Kate Waldron Mercy School for Special Learning Endowment Fund
Nicholas P. Connell Scholarship Endowment Fund
Scalici Family Endowment Fund
St. Anne Parish and School, Bethlehem PA
Thomas O. Kern Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund