• A Legacy of Eternal Care: Nurturing Catholic Cemeteries Through Generosity (11/16/2023) - In the quiet embrace of the Diocese of Allentown, where time stands still among rows of monuments and whispered memories, a silent legacy unfolds. Here, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania nurtures a commitment to eternal care through the vital support of cemetery funds. The Heart of Perpetual Care Cemetery funds are the unsung heroes,… Continue Reading >
  • Seeds of Faith: Endowment Funds Impact Seminarian Education (11/16/2023) - Faith intertwines with commitment. For the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania, endowment funds are a beacon of support for the future shepherds of the Church. The endowment funds, carefully nurtured and sustained, weave a tapestry of hope for seminarians, promising a legacy that echoes forever. Seminarian education endowment funds, like silent guardians, stand as the… Continue Reading >
  • Planned Giving Creates Impact (10/18/2023) - Planned giving has become an appealing means for individuals and couples to create a lasting legacy, allowing them to make a substantial impact that goes beyond what they could achieve during their lifetime. This method of giving provides an opportunity to leave a lasting mark, reflecting one's values and their desire to support others. During… Continue Reading >
  • State of the Foundation 2023 (10/18/2023) - We are grateful to all who attended the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania's State of the Foundation 2023 Meeting. Events were held at three locations: St. Ambrose Parish in Schuylkill Haven, Holy Family Senior Living, in Bethlehem and Immaculate Conception Parish in Douglassville. "The future for the Catholic Foundation – and our Faith – is bright. Together,… Continue Reading >
  • Join Us for the 2023 State of the Foundation Meeting (9/13/2023) - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania invites you to join us for the 2023 State of the Foundation Meetings being held at of three different locations within the communities we serve. Ten years ago, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania was just a dream. We now have a decade of unwavering… Continue Reading >
  • Memorial Gifts to Endowment Funds
    Remember Your Loved Ones Forever
    (9/13/2023) - Memorial gifts to endowment funds managed by the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania are a meaningful way for family and friends to remember a loved one who has died.  People are comforted in knowing that by making a gift to the Catholic Foundation for their favorite Catholic cause, their gift – and the memory of… Continue Reading >
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Is a Time to Celebrate (9/13/2023) - The Gift of Catholic Education As we approach September 15th and the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, it is important to acknowledge the valuable contributions that the Hispanic community has made. The Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania is leading the way in making a difference in the lives of students. The Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund… Continue Reading >
  • Catholic at Heart…Welcoming to All (8/16/2023) - In a world where compassion and care for the elderly are essential, the Holy Family Senior Living community in Bethlehem has taken a remarkable step towards ensuring the well-being of the residents. By establishing the Holy Family Senior Living Resident Care Fund, they have created an endowment that will provide benevolent care to those residing… Continue Reading >
  • Where There’s a Will, There’s a Say (8/16/2023) - Make a Will, Make a Difference Life's journey is an opportunity to create meaning and leave a positive impact on the world. As we navigate through its stages, we reflect on what truly matters and how we can protect and cherish it for future generations.  It’s important to take time to engage in thoughtful estate… Continue Reading >
  • A Decade of Forever: Catholic Foundation Impacts Catholic Causes During Initial 10 Years (7/19/2023) - In 2013, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania was just a dream. It was during that year that a group of local Catholic leaders under the leadership of Paul Huck gathered to discuss the future of our Catholic faith. Each recognized the serious challenges facing the Church: protecting our youth, keeping young adults involved in… Continue Reading >