Fire Destroys adult special needs group home in Berks County

Quick Action of Staff Rescues All Residents

A devastating fire engulfed a residential group home for adults with special needs in Reading, PA, during the early hours of Thursday, April 11, 2024.  The home, located on Harry Avenue, is run by Dayspring Homes, a Reading-area nonprofit. As the blaze ripped through the home, it was the swift response of the staff member on duty who ensured the safety of all adult special needs residents living in the facility. There were no injuries.

The fire, which was discovered at 2:30 am, destroyed the entire group home. Residents lost all of their personal belongings and sentimental items as well as clothing and furniture.

“This is heartbreaking for everyone,” said Stacy Grube, CEO of Dayspring Homes. “However, thanks to the heroism and quick action of the staff, no one was injured.”

Dayspring Homes secured temporary placements for all the residents at other Dayspring residential homes. The focus now shifts to rebuilding the destroyed home, providing support to the residents to cope with the trauma of the fire, and assisting them in acquiring essential personal items.

How You Can Help

Dayspring Homes is reaching out to the community for support during this challenging time. A donation page has been set up on the nonprofit’s website to provide immediate assistance to the affected residents. Please scan the QR code below to donate and help them rebuild their lives.

In addition to monetary donations, in-kind donations such as clothing, household supplies, furniture, and other essentials are also welcomed and greatly appreciated.

When a tragedy strikes a nonprofit, like a devastating fire, it forces the organization to pause and make sure they have a strong foundation for the future. Endowment funds provide extra security so nonprofits may continue providing vital programs to their clients forever.

A gift to the Dayspring Homes Fund managed by the Catholic Foundation ensures that there will be future income to make sure Dayspring Homes can fulfill its mission whether it’s business as usual or amidst a tragedy.  Gifts may be made now (cash, appreciated securities or an IRA QCD) or later in a will or as a beneficiary of life insurance or an IRA.

Dayspring Homes Fund provides support for adults with special needs needing residential living and Life Sharing programs, day program activities, client services, special programs, maintenance and capital improvements.

Your support and generosity — both now and later — will go a long way in helping the residents and Dayspring Homes recover from this unfortunate incident and rebuild stronger than ever.

Dayspring Homes Reading fire 2024
2024 Dayspring Homes Reading fire