Father Jerome Tauber, Pastor, St. Theresa’s Parish, Hellertown

St. Theresa’s parish was blessed a few years ago to receive a generous gift from one of our parishioners to help support our school. After careful consideration and discussion with our parish finance council, we decided to create an endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation. We could have easily spent it – but it would have been gone after a year.

With an endowment, the original gift, and subsequent gifts from others, would grow with prudent investing. Each year we would receive a distribution – usually about 5 percent – to support the Catholic education of the youth in our parish. We decided to create a second endowment fund to support general parish operations.

An endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Some important factors led us to the Catholic Foundation. The investment returns were favorable and better than what we earning in a 1% savings account. The funds are part of a larger pool and allow us access to better investment vehicles and lower fees for a quality investment program.

But more importantly, we knew that our investments would be aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Foundation follows a morally responsible investment policy whereby all funds are invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's guidelines for Socially Responsible Investments.