A fourth investment product that provides pastors with an intermediate investment option and more flexible access to their investment funds was approved by the Board of Directors of the Catholic Foundation at its October 2018 board meeting. During one-on-one meetings and in group presentations, pastors had expressed interest to the Foundation to consider a donor designated investment option.

“The Catholic Foundation wants to make sure we are serving the needs and interests of our endowment fund partners,” Paul Huck, Chairman of the Catholic Foundation, said. “We listened to their concerns and acted.”

Donor designated funds allow a parish more access to their investments for withdrawals throughout the year. Permanent and quasi endowment funds, which are designed for a longterm investment horizon, allow for the option of taking an annual distribution of 5% in March.

Fund partners may choose between an intermediate investment strategy (3 to 7 years) or the Foundation’s current long-term investment strategy.

Huck mentioned that a donor designated fund using the intermediate investment strategy makes sense for a parish/school building fund or ongoing maintenance fund.