Catholic Schools Week Celebrates Key Outcomes of Catholic Education

Each year, Catholic Schools Week recognizes the unique strengths that are at the heart of Catholic education: rigorous academics, unwavering faith, guiding principles, and service to others. It is because of these strengths that almost 50% of endowment funds invested by donors with the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania support Catholic schools and scholarships.

“Strong academic outcomes anchored by our Catholic faith are why our donors believe in Catholic schools,” Pete Waldron, President of the Catholic Foundation, said.

Remembering Local History During Catholic Schools Week

The first Catholic school in the now Diocese of Allentown opened as a single classroom in Bally (Berks County) in 1743. The Most Blessed Sacrament School, now Saint Francis Classical Catholic Academy, has the distinction of being the second oldest Catholic school in the original 13 colonies. There are currently 36 Catholic schools in the Diocese.

Many believe the strong outcomes seen in student achievement is attributed to the commitment of families, teachers, and staff. Together, they foster a creative learning environment that allows students to excel. 

Healthy Endowment Funds Ensure the Future of Catholic Education

In the Diocese of Allentown, many students would like to attend or remain in a Catholic school. However, diminishing family finances can make this choice impossible. Cost is the top reason cited by families who do not enroll their children in Catholic schools.  Healthy endowment funds ensure that scholarships are available to help those families keep their children in Catholic school. 

Endowments also play an important role in making funds available to honor the dedicated teachers and staff.  Their commitment to academic excellence is evident in their drive to encourage students to achieve their best, both academically and spiritually.

“A healthy endowment fund safeguards our future by providing a steady source of income to support learning programs and activities for our students,” Beth Grys, Principal at the Mercy School for Special Learning, said.

An endowment fund provides the perfect repository for donors to make contributions. This is especially true of planned gifts, such as gifts in:

  • Wills
  • Memorials
  • IRA transfers
  • Insurance and investment beneficiary designations

“Every week is Catholic Schools Week to our donors,” Waldron said. “People see the strong results and outcomes at our Catholic schools and are asking how they can do more to sustain this education success for students.”

Catholic Schools are at the heart of the Catholic Foundation’s mission.  Making a legacy gift to your favorite Catholic school ensures the rigorous academics, unwavering faith, guiding principles and service to others continue forever.